Ah well hello there, my name is James Delaney.

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WIP list of people I think do cool things


30/05/2020 http://www.badcyborg.net/

This guy has been playing Halo CE since it's release in 2001. I'm also a huge Halo fan (I have my gripes ofc) but I think this individual has such a deep understanding of the mechanics of the game, that is almost Neo from the Matrix levels of being able to control the world around him. He has only ever played the game, and never modified it or looked at the code. Knowing the game well myself it is a pleasure to see him have such creativity and determintation in the stunts he pulls off. They're also strangely theraputic, and while not asmr in the slightest, they have a slow lighthearted narrative through his written commentary he adds to the screen that make them easy-watching. For fans of the game at least. And he's pretty much been releasing them on average about bi-weekly it seems since 2009.